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Build Your Own Rope Flogger


Ten feet of 1/2 or 3/8 inch laid (twisted) nylon rope are used to make this flogger. 

Approximately 6 feet of a small-diameter rope or string are used to make the handle. 

The handle material should be soft enough to be comfortable in the hand while using the flogger.

1. Gathering the coils : Starting with one end of the nylon rope in one hand, make three coils, with the free end of the rope hanging down to the bottom of the coils.

2. Gathering  the rope ends : Grab and hold the three coils and end that are in your hand. This will be your handle.

 3.Starting the handle: You will whip the handle with the small string to make the handle. 

Start by laying a 6-inch loop along the gathered coils in your hand, then start wrapping the string around the coils from near the end of the string towards the loop, pulling tight after every wrap.

4. Whipping the handle : Continue whipping towards the loop until you have almost covered it with wraps.

5. Securing the whipping: Stick the end of the string you are working with through the loop, and pull on the other end of the string so it buries the loop and pulls the free end under the handle strings.

6. Trimming the whipping: Cut the ends of the whipping string off close to where they disappear under the handle wraps.

7. Cutting the tails: Cut the 3 coils of rope at the end away from the handle.

8. Spreading the tails: Unlay (unravel) the cut ends of the rope up to the handle. Different amounts of unraveling will have different effects.

9. Decision time : You can leave the three strands that made up the rope intact, or unravel them as well for a finer, softer tail.

10. Completed coarse flogger: This flogger is easier to control. It will be hard to keep the ends from unraveling further though. If you burned the ends of the rope it would make tiny nasty hard bits at the end of each tail.

11. Separating the strands: It is a lot of work to unravel the entire rope, but produces a very soft, attractive implement.

12 .Finished fine flogger


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